The SolidView Product Family
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Open, View and Print STL, SLDASM, SLDPRT and WRL Formats

SolidView is a basic version of the software offered at $99. The product allows the user to view, measure and modify STL, SLDPRT, SLDASM, VRML, SVD and SFX files files (the SVD format can be created from any file opened by a user with SolidView/Pro). This allows a workgroup to easily publish files with one copy of SolidView/Pro to multiple copies of either SolidView or SolidView/Lite. The SolidView user can also edit and save SVD files.

The following features are included with SolidView:

  • View, Measure and Modify STL, SLDPRT, SLDASM, VRML, SVD and SFX formats
  • Save SVD format

3D Import Formats

Format(s) Description
Additive Manufacturing

Additional CAD formats are only available to SolidView/Pro and SolidView/Pro RP.

Just about anywhere you see a 2D engineering drawing, you can use SolidView instead. By giving everyone involved in the product development and support process a 3D view they can move, scale, rotate and measure, you increase their understanding of the data and improve their productivity. The advantages of SolidView over 2D drawings include:

  • Users can view and measure the 3D data
  • Valuable engineering time is not wasted on creating 2D drawings
  • Users can directly view up-to-date CAD data instead of outdated 2D drawings
  • Complex designs and assemblies can be viewed on a low-cost PC, saving plotting paper and supplies and reducing the security risk of drawing disposal

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  • Online Catalogs
    Online Catalogs

    SolidView/Pro's Scene Save and Replay make it possible to create web or CD-based interactive catalogs where customers can easily view and measure product information. Interactive catalogs created with SolidView/Pro give potential customers access to the product information they need by allowing them to extract measurements and create views themselves.

    Key SolidView features used in creating online catalogs are:

    • Scene Save and Replay
    • Integrated 2D and 3D View and Markup
    • Measurement tools
    • Free SolidView/Lite viewer